Hello everyone,

To be an artist today is very amazing and challenging. There is so much new experience and journey to choose. To work on digital art and make art in this times, when we have seen COVID’s 19 look down war and nature changes. It make me think of all of you out in the world. If you are facing mental challenges, it’s totally normal. It’s very hard times. We have to remember to be nice to people and ourselves, and don’t pressure ourselves to much. Take one day at a time. Don’t forget to treat yourself with care and love. My thinking are with all of you. Let us inspire each others, and grow together to better artists. Thank you all of you that follow us on Annafi.se

Back to track after some disturbance…

Thank you for coming back to us. We will do much more amazing work when we now are back. If you find any art you like you can apply backpack discount on it. We are now starting our project where posters and portraits of our amazing art will be sold online. You can then choose your favorite Art and have it as a posters and portraits. Update will be shared soon. Stay Tune you all amazing Art Lovers.

recovery from endometriosis operation

Hey everyone! Im now in my 2 months of recovery from operation. Its very slow progress, but i getting better. I think of all brave women’s out there and mother’s that facing endometriosis. You are really brave. I just tearing up here when i thinking of how hard it is. I hop that soon it comes a medical solution for all women’s. I love you all so much. Don’t give up we will Winn this battle of pain and misunderstanding. You are the best.

My endometriosis journey.

i hade a very hard time with my desis. I took diffrent hormones treatment but nothing worked. From 2018 to 2022 december i was bedrested. Now i have gone through a big operation. I hade 2 sergeants one endometrios dr and one specialized in lichens. Both was great dr. Today im pain free and i feel great. I am looking forward to live life and do good to my fellow sisters in the world with the same illness.

Det stora mörka

det stora mörka

Krossat glas tidigt på morgonen, stigen Kantas av glimmande misslyckanden.
Mitt hjärta kändes som just detta glas.
Trasigt brännande och gnistrande I avsaknad av all samhörighet.

Det fanns en tid då även jag kände vikt av betydelse.
Men det är långt förgånget.

Idag är det ändrast andras viljor som styr Mitt liv.

Det stora mörka, överheten som inte ger sig förrän Jaget har packat sin resväska och försvunnit.

Varför är obetydlighetens tunga plåga så ljuv för överheten.

När ska den släppte mig Fri.
När ska den känna skamm över sitt tyranneri.